Our clientele includes persons whose homes are as small as 900 sq. ft. and as large as 13,000 sq. ft. Some are looking for help in designing their all-time dream home, whereas others just want to re-model their kitchen or add a master suite to improve their current dwelling.

Some of our clients are experienced home-builders. For them, we are there to supplement their knowledge, bringing our own experience to the table in order to give them an edge and make their project both successful and lucrative.

Many of our clients are not builders at all; and for some, this is completely unfamiliar territory. Not surprisingly, they’re as nervous as they are excited and so they need a little more hand-holding – which we are happy to provide.

We bring excitement and integrity to every project. Whatever your needs may be, we are equally committed to satisfying each and every one of you – making your vision a reality.